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BAG TRASH AND PLACE IT IN THE LANDFILL DUMPSTER (at the end of the driveway outside 1025).

All Decaled Items Must Go to UF Surplus. Disposal/Surplus of Non-Decaled Items is at the PI’s Discretion

Please follow the steps below for any equipment you need sent to UF Asset Management (Surplus)

this is true for both equipment that is decaled and non-decaled items

1) Decontamination

For any equipment that has been in a lab, please complete the UF EHS decontamination form. (This info is required by Asset Management). Once EH&S has "APPROVED" your form, proceed to Step 2.

2) Tell MCS Staff About the Equipment You Want Removed Using the Surplus Equipment Request form

Once EH&S has "APPROVED" your decontamination form, please use the Surplus Equipment Request form

3) Do NOT Move the Equipment Anywhere Else (unless instructed to)

MCS Staff will get back to you and either pick-up small items from you or schedule Asset Management to pick-up your items from their location - you do not need to bring items to the main office unprompted and please do not leave items on the loading dock


For refrigerators and freezers, submit a work order with IFAS Facillities to remove the refrigerant from your outgoing equipment and complete a UF EHS decontamination form for this item. Print out the Refrigerant Recovery Form for IFAS Facilities to fill out once they have removed the refrigerant. Affix this completed form to the fridge/freezer and attach a picture or scan of this completed form to the online form in step 2.


WILL be accepted by Surplus

WILL NOT be accepted by Surplus

  • any item with a UF Tag (these must go to Surplus)
  • unused single-use items
    ex. unopened Kim wipes
  • decontaminated re-usables
    ex. decontaminated glassware/hot plates
  • any equipment from a lab that does not have a completed EHS decon form
  • any opened single-use items/ items with potential biological or chemical contaminants
    ex. opened reagents/chemicals
  • appliances containing refrigerants
    ex. some thermocyclers/refrigerators
    (have IFAS facilities remove refrigerants before sending to Surplus)



Please bag all trash meant for the landfill. The department has a dumpster that is emptied to the landfill regularly, at the end of the driveway outside the loading dock (room 1025). Do not put anything with a UF decal in the dumpster


Our department has a large recycling bin for cardboard by the loading dock (room 1025). UF Asset Management/Surplus has bins for bulk wood (some chairs, desks, shelves, other wooden goods), bulk metal, and other larger landfill dumpsters. You can use department vehicles to transport items to the UF Asset Management/Surplus's dumpsters.